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                                                                   46  TRADE - MARKET
                                                                   Policies needed for supporting
                                                                   industry to see breakthroughs

                                                                    D  espite the results achieved, the scale and capacity
                                                                       of supporting industry companies remain
                                                                       limited, making it difficult for them to join the
                                                                   supply chains of global corporations. Removing
                                                                   bottlenecks and finding solutions to improve their
                                                                   competitiveness therefore needs to be enhanced.
                                                                   Companies also need to proactively innovate and apply
                                                                   modern science and technology, and build appropriate
                                                                   production and business strategies to promote their
                                                                   advantages and enhance their competitiveness.

             48  TRADE - MARKET

            Agriculture, forestry and fishery sector
            determined to hit export target of
            $54 billion

              I  n the first nine months of 2023, agriculture, forestry and
                 fishery product exports reached only $38.5 billion. In order to
                 reach the annual target of $54 billion, the remaining months
            need to bring in an additional $15.5 billion. The Ministry of
            Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) remains steadfast in
            reaching the target of $54 billion, which is higher than the $53.2
            billion posted in 2022. However, in the current difficult context, this
            is no easy task, and requires determination, dynamism, and
            creativity from agricultural, forestry and fishery exporters to
            overcome the difficulties and challenges.
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